Skiing: Pre-ski Stretching Routine

Skiing: Pre-ski Stretching Routine

Warm up 5 to 10 minutes (fast walking, running, jumping) prior to taking part in this routine.

All exercises should be held 20 seconds, repeated twice. Do both sides.

  1. Spine stretch: Lying on your back, arms in a cross and knees bent, bring your knees slowly to one side, then to the next.
  2. Lateral flexion of the spine: Standing, hands on either side of the body, slowly bend sideways and come back up.
  3. Hamstrings: Standing with a foot on an elevated surface of about 15cm, your leg straight and buttocks out to slowly arch your lower back, bend forward at the hip, maintaining back position.
  4. Quadriceps: standing with one hand against something or someone, grab an ankle and bring your foot up to your buttocks, keeping your knees together.
  5. Soleus: Standing one foot in front of the other, bend knees slowly, keeping both heels on the ground.

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