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Picture of Sarah Sayadi Customer Care Representative at the Action Sport Physio Marche Central clinic
Sarah Sayadi
Customer Care Representative

Sarah Sayadi Customer Care Representative


I am of Lebanese origin, I studied in Lebanon until secondary 3 and I arrived with my family in Quebec in 2016, a country that we love very much. I continued my high school studies and cegep in health science until 2020 when I finished my degree. Currently, I am in my second year of university studies in business administration at HEC.

I am proud to help my father in the administration of his Action sport physio Marche Central clinic. It is allowing me to know him in a more professional setting, and I am proud of his professionalism at work. I am also able to see how much the patients love him and are confident in his abilities to give them the best care possible.

I enjoy swimming, piano and dancing. My biggest dream is to travel all over the world, a dream which will be made easier since I am trilingual (French, English, Arabic).