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Picture of Rousselle Elizabeth Sports Medical expert in the Repentigny's clinic
Élizabeth Rousselle
Physical Rehabilitation Therapist

Élizabeth Rousselle

Physical Rehabilitation Therapist

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Elizabeth has been a physical rehabilitation therapist since May 2018 and is a graduate of CÉGEP Montmorency.

In order to develop her knowledge, Elizabeth began her training in osteopathy in the fall of 2018. This approach allows him to see the human body with a different perspective and to learn new treatment techniques.

Having played flag football and practiced gymnastics for several years, these activities have given her the desire to focus on rehabilitating problems due to the many injuries that result from her demanding sports. It is somewhat thanks to this that Elizabeth, during her first year of technical studies at CEGEP, took the taping and first aid course in order to be able to follow the sports teams.

Here is one of the expressions she likes to use: "Be PATIENT: with your body, with time, with yourself".