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Picture of Noémie Riopel Osteopathy intern at the Action Sport Physio Laval clinic
Noémie Riopel
Osteopathy intern

Noémie Riopel Osteopathy intern

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Noémie Riopel joined the team of osteopaths in 2022. She is a final year student at the Collège D'études Ostéopathiques de Montréal.

As an elite level soccer and flag soccer player, she found her way into osteopathy to allow her to practice her sports despite the injuries she sustained. This is how her interest in health developed and how she discovered a real desire to help others.

Noémie's practice is geared towards a wide variety of clients: athletes, children, adolescents, pregnant women, seniors, etc. She addresses all kinds of dysfunctions, from musculoskeletal to visceral, nervous and metabolic.

Her approach is mainly oriented towards gentleness, but her athletic side and her instinct as an athlete also give her the knowledge to work in action.

Services Offered

Services Offered