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Picture of Julie Renaud Osteopath at the Action Sports Physio Lachine clinic
Julie Renaud

Julie Renaud Osteopath



Julie is an osteopath at the writing stage of her master's thesis. She studied at the Académie d'ostéopathie de Montréal and has been practicing osteopathy since 2014. She helps family, friends and co-workers find mobility and relief for various afflictions.

Passionate about sports and the human body, she joined the multidisciplinary team of Action Sport Physio in Lachine in order to maximize the results of the people who consult her and also to get closer to the sporting environment she loves.

Having practiced competitive swimming and been a lifeguard since childhood, her master's thesis will focus on the various osteopathic dysfunctions of the swimmer, in order to improve his/her performance, whether for competition or just recreational swimming.

She is captivated by the ability of the human body to adapt and tries to determine the cause of pain for people of all ages. Her goal as an osteopath is to give back fluidity and mobility to the body in its globality.

Services Offered

Services Offered