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Picture of Marie-Caroline Parrot Osteopath at the Action Sports Physio Mercier Hochelaga clinic
Marie-Caroline Parrot

Marie-Caroline Parrot


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Graduated from Ostéobio in 2009, higher school of osteopathy and applied biomechanics, accredited by the French Ministry of Health. 
In addition to her initial training, Marie-Caroline obtained a certificate in perinatal and pediatric osteopathy in 2016. 
This scientific training, based on in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology and semiology, enables him to take care of everyone, from athletes to sedentary, and of all ages. 
Marie-Caroline moved to Montreal after having practiced her profession for ten years in a medical practice, as well as in a company in Paris. 
She sees the human body as a wonderful machine, sometimes, unfortunately, some parts of it malfunction.
Her practice focused on biomechanics allows her to understand and act on the workings of the body to relieve any type of mechanical dysfunction responsible for discomfort or discomfort affecting the quality of life. 
Marie-Caroline is committed to providing you with a solution adapted to your needs, and to providing you with the necessary advice to prevent potential disorders related to your lifestyle.
She will be happy to take care of you at a future appointment.

Services Offered

Services Offered