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Picture of Pier-Luc Parent Physiotherapist at the Action Sport Physio Saint-Hyacinthe and Mont-Saint-Hilaire clinic
Pier-Luc Parent
Physiotherapist Owner

Pier-Luc Parent Physiotherapist Owner

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Pier-Luc obtained his Masters in physiotherapy at Laval University in 2016. From the beginning he was involved in sports physiotherapy, an involvement he continued after entering the professional market. In addition to having a solid experience in following football, hockey and soccer teams, he has worked notably with Canadian Paralympic teams and with circus and performing arts communities, both local and international. He has several clinical tools thanks to an impressive amount of continued education, particularly in advanced manual physiotherapy, management of concussions and mild head injuries, and monitoring of sports teams. Wanting to increase his arsenal of skills, he began a Doctor of Medicine degree at McGill University in 2019.

Very early in his professional development, Pier-Luc stood out for his leadership and his desire to bring a positive and constructive environment to all his endeavors. He quickly became involved in the ASP clinics of Saint-Hyacinthe and Mont-Saint-Hilaire, contributing to their internal development as well as their respective influence. He thus became co-owner of these two clinics in order to bring his human and clinical sides to them, placing the happiness of his colleagues and employees at the center of his priorities.

Services Offered

Services Offered