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Le Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie - La Course

May 11, 2019
La Course: an unforgettable experience and a unique concept! It is a running event, but it is also a movement of fitness and lifestyle change that  the Grand Defi Pierre Lavoie team want to implement on a large scale throughout the province and beyond!

Each participating school will, throughout the year, put in action the greatest number of young people by organizing training sessions, fitness activities, one-off sporting events, etc. It is therefore important to have the support of a teacher or a leader to organize the event in their school.

This year of training will culminate with a selection of 40 riders who will be selected to participate in the event. Participating in La Course is becoming an ambassador for healthy lifestyle and a model for society.

Date 2019: Saturday May 11 to Sunday May 12 Participants: more than 145 high schools, colleges and universities. 40 students per school for a total of more than 5,800 participants.
Their challenge: Running the distance between Quebec City and Montreal, a distance of about 270 km, day and night. A grand celebration will be organized upon their arrival to welcome them.

The Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie challenge targets mainly sedentary youth to change their lifestyle habits. In addition, it is designed to stimulate team spirit and camaraderie, making it a unifying project that will develop a strong sense of belonging to their community. 

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