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Picture of Erinne Mouaya ostheopath at Action Sport Physio Bois-Franc and Saint-Laurent clinics
Erinne Mouaya

Erinne Mouaya Osteopath



Erinne graduated from Osteobio School of Osteopathy in July 2023, specializing in biomechanics. Her passion for osteopathy was inspired by her sister, and since then she has been committed to helping people with functional disorders proactively manage their pain. Erinne firmly believes that each individual can become an actor in their own health by understanding the actions needed to live better.

Her training at Osteobio, a French school, provided her with a solid foundation in biomechanics, enabling her to understand the complexity of the human body. Motivated by her desire to help others, Erinne had the opportunity to put her skills into practice during professional projects at HEC Paris and on an American soccer team. In addition, her commitment to the well-being of others led her to undertake a humanitarian trip to Armenia, where she provided osteopathic care to those who needed it most.

Erinne takes a holistic approach to health, encouraging her patients to become self-reliant in the management of their well-being. She believes in personalized care, with an emphasis on understanding each patient's individual needs. Erinne is determined to guide her patients towards a pain-free life, focusing on sustainable autonomy and the prevention of functional disorders.

Apart from her professional commitments, Erinne has a deep passion for sport, particularly bodybuilding, which she practises assiduously. Her involvement in bodybuilding is a testament to her commitment to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Erinne derives great satisfaction from seeing her patients reach their full potential and lead active, fulfilling lives.

Services Offered

Services Offered