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Picture of Sarah Levy Physiotherapy Technologist (Physical Rehabilitation Therapist) at the Action Sport Physio Town of Mount Royal clinic
Sarah Levy
Physiotherapy Technologist (Physical Rehabilitation Therapist)

Sarah Levy Physiotherapy Technologist (Physical Rehabilitation Therapist)

Town of Mount Royal
Montreal - Downtown


Sarah is a dedicated and compassionate physiotherapy technologist who is committed to helping individuals regain their functional and physical abilities through the power of exercise. She graduated from Dawson College’s Physiotherapy Technology Program in the summer of 2023.

Having experienced personal injuries as a competitive tennis player, Sarah discovered the transformative impact of physiotherapy firsthand. The experience fueled her passion for the field, leading to a resolute decision to pursue a career in physiotherapy and help others overcome their physical challenges.

Sarah strongly believes that movement is medicine and through personalized exercise programs she aims to empower individuals to regain their strength, mobility, and overall wellness. She understands the importance of establishing a therapeutic relationship with each client. By actively listening to your concerns and goals, Sarah will ensure a comprehensive understanding of your needs, providing a foundation for effective treatment and care.

Sarah is dedicated to help you achieve your goals and regain your physical abilities!

Services Offered

Services Offered