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Picture of Imane Lamnini Physiotherapist at the Action Sports Physio Town of Mount Royal clinic
Imane Lamnini

Imane Lamnini Physiotherapist

Town of Mount Royal
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A graduate of Montmorency College's physiotherapy technology program from 2018, the science behind the gears that propel the human body on a daily basis has always been a source of marvelment to me from a young age. In fact, it is my fascination with that realm that encouraged me, upon obtaining my college diploma, to continue my studies in physiotherapy at the university level, at the University of Montreal. 

In my opinion, considering the extent of the complexity of the anatomy and functioning of the body, it is essential to adopt a global approach, taking into account simultaneously, the overall performance of each of the problematic regions or systems, the existing links between the latter and the structures that embody them, and the other neighboring components, that may be of direct or indirect influence. 

That said, for me, a good treatment has to have, as a premise, the patient as a priority. Your needs and goals, whatever they are, will be put forward through the rehabilitation process, so that we can work together, you and I, towards your ultimate goal.  

No matter the problem, from head to toe, I will be happy to help you get back on your feet!

Services Offered

Services Offered