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Picture of Mikael Lamirande Kinesiologist at the Action Sports Physio Blainville clinic
Mikael Lamirande
Kinesiologist Massage Therapist

Mikael Lamirande Kinesiologist Massage Therapist


Massage therapist and kinesiologist-kinesthetist

Mikael holds an advanced honors degree in Human Kinetics from the from the University of Ottawa. He continued his graduate studies in therapeutic exercise at the University of Sherbrooke in order to develop his skills in manual therapy. He is a member of the AKKOMQ (Association of kinesiologists, physiotherapists, orthotherapists and massage therapists of of Quebec).

He played soccer and field hockey at the AA level all his youth. He also has a keen interest in running and soccer. He is involved as a therapist with local sports teams in the region.

Since 2014, Mikael has been practicing kinesiology and physical therapy with a variety of clients, although he specializes in postural problems and chronic pain. In addition to massage, Mikael will combine trigger point techniques, PNF stretching and joint stretching and gentle joint mobilization techniques to provide better muscle relaxation and postural balance. To maximize the beneficial effects of the treatment, he may use the application of neuro-proprioceptive "tape" and a prescription for therapeutic exercises.

Mikael has also continued to expand his knowledge with continuing education in manual therapy and neuro-proprioceptive taping levels 1 and 2. He is CPR and first responder certified.

For Mikael "prevention is better than cure".

Services Offered

Services Offered