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Picture of Catherine Laguë Physiotherapist at the Action Sport Physio Candiac clinic
Catherine Laguë

Catherine Laguë Physiotherapist

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Catherine Laguë graduated as a physical therapist from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Montreal in 2012, the year she received her bachelor's degree from the physical therapy program. She then began her professional master's degree the following year. Her research project, entitled: The Evolution of Running and its Impact on the Human Body, was presented at a scientific conference and was very successful. Following the conference, her master's project was published on the official website of Papyrus of the Université de Montréal.

In addition to her training on the prevention of running injuries and the management of acute injuries at La Clinique du Coureur, Catherine has taken a course on sports traumatology and emergency interventions in the field. She has also conducted running workshops in running stores. She has always been passionate about the world of sports.

Another of her interests is the treatment of the temporomandibular joint. Catherine works closely with dentists, orthodontists and occlusion specialists.

Catherine is constantly learning and has obtained her level II in manual therapy. She continues to pursue continuing education to ensure that her knowledge is always up to date in order to offer the best to her patients.

It is often said that a healthy mind in a healthy body. Catherine is a runner with her minimalist shoes. You will surely see her in the streets of Candiac on her bike or running with her three children!

Services Offered

Services Offered