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Picture of Roxanne Juneau Physiotherapist at the Action Sports Physio Blainville clinic
Roxanne Juneau

Roxanne Juneau Physiotherapist


Roxanne obtained her Master's degree in physiotherapy from the Université de Montréal in August 2019. Roxanne discovered her passion for physiotherapy several years ago, first as a physiotherapist and then as a university student.

From her physical rehabilitation technique, Roxanne showed an interest in sports physiotherapy and spent hours on the field with the Nomades basketball and volleyball teams at Collège Montmorency. Afterwards, she continued to develop her knowledge in sports by joining the Université de Montréal's Carabins football team as a physiotherapy student, where she would work for three seasons.

Roxanne is very involved in her community and has lived in Blainville since childhood. She became involved with the Blainville Soccer Association at the age of 13, first as a player, volunteer, coach and finally as a first aid worker for AAA and semi-professional teams for the past four summers.

Through her experience and listening, Roxanne understands your need to do your activities painlessly and with all the techniques she has learned, she will support you throughout your recovery.

Roxanne will continue to improve her knowledge in the coming years according to her interests in manual therapy and concussion interventions. In addition, Roxanne recently completed her requalification as a first athlete responder in April 2019.

Services Offered

Services Offered