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Picture of Jérémie Jean-Joseph Physiotherapist at the Action Sport Physio Saint-Léonard clinic
Jérémie Jean-Joseph

Jérémie Jean-Joseph


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M.Sc. P.T. Physiotherapist

As a healthcare professional, Jérémie places a lot of emphasis on establishing a therapeutic relationship of trust, on active listening and on educating the patient about the condition. This allows him to properly target the objectives and needs of each person in order to obtain the best possible results.

Continuing education acquired:

AQPMA level 1: advanced musculoskeletal practice

AQMMA level 2 Upper Limb: advanced musculoskeletal practice

Peripheral manipulation accreditation

Certificate for prescription of radiography in acute cases

Advanced Lower Extremity, by Bahram Jam

Introductory Vestibular Rehabilitation course by Bernard Tonks

Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation course Bernard Tonks

News in Running Injury Prevention, by Blaise Dubois

BikePT BRONZE + Mechanical, by Guillaume Coutu

Jérémie has a strong interest in the musculoskeletal. He also took the course "New in the prevention of injuries in running" given by Mr. Blaise Dubois, specialist in running. This course enables him to assess, advise and correct running patterns in novice and experienced runners in order to prevent and treat injuries. He also took the “BikePT BRONZE” course, in order to be able to perform cycling positioning and thus prevent injuries in cyclists of all levels. In addition, thanks to his knowledge and continuous training on the vestibular system, he can treat vestibular disorders including vertigo, loss of balance and dizziness. Holder of an accreditation allowing him to incorporate orthopedic manual therapy and joint manipulations into his practice, Jérémie specializes in advanced musculoskeletal practice within the AQPMA, in vestibular disorders, in positioning and prevention injuries in the cyclist as well as in the prevention and treatment of injuries in the rider.

Services Offered

Services Offered