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Healthy Aging Program

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Healthy Aging Program

The Healthy Aging program has been developed to provide clients with skills and strategies to manage conditions related to aging. A physiotherapy assessment will help delay frailty as one ages via early detection of physical impairments affecting present day functional capacities and prevention of possible disabilities in later years. 

The Healthy Aging Program format is strongly supported by evidence based research where continued physical activity and mobility as we age leads to an improved quality of life. The program includes a self-management approach following a physiotherapeutic assessment. 

A self-management approach focusing in the following areas: 

1. Physical capacity 

  • · Strength and power assessment 

  • · Flexibility 

  • · Balance & agility 

  • · Aerobic capacity and improved breathing pattern 

2. Positive attitude and productive pursuits 

3. Proper nutrition and weight management 

4. Independent living 

Ultimate goal: To move clients from frailty to a higher level of functional capacity, to having fun and long term functional autonomy and freedom

Action Sport Physio believes in moving more and sitting less to help reduce fall risk and improve physical ability. Walking more, sitting less, to help improve physical and physiological parameters, with the resultant improvement in the client's overall quality of life.