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Golf Fever

Golf Fever

Spring has finally arrived and the golf season will start. Did you know that your golf swing can cause injuries to your back, elbow, wrist or shoulder? A bad swing can even generate a lumbar sprain or a disc hernia! A golf swing requires a fast rotation of the back and exposes it to side flexion and extension forces that could be troubling.

You can take measures to prevent unpleasant wounds that would distract you from performing your sport. First off, regain the physical shape in order to establish stability, force, and flexibility. An informed golfer will pay close attention to strengthening the legs (calf, quadriceps, gluteal), arms (the shoulder rotators, forearm) and muscles of the trunk area (abdominal and spinal muscles) solicited. Lastly, before each game, it is recommended to stretch property. A warm-up will soften your muscles and improve your driving efficiency as well as reduce the risk of injuries significantly.

Do you have an injury that is inconvenient for you? Do you wish to be prepared physically for your golf season? The Action Sport Physio therapists (physiotherapists, athletic therapists, osteopaths, acupuncturist, etc.) are here to serve you!

Written by Action Sport Physio - Downtown Montreal

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