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Goblet Squat - Form, Benefits, and Variations

The goblet squat is an awesome squat variation for any level athlete, and they can be used in workouts in multiple ways. Beginners can benefit with goblet squats because they can help teach proper squat patterning and build confidence when performing the movement.

Also, this movement is useful for building foundational strength and muscle. Another benefit with goblet squats is the placement of the dumbbell and kettlebell can help strengthen torso mechanics in the squat, which can have carryover to the front squat and high-bar back squat. If you're brand new to the goblet squat, then use them as a primary movement and perform them for high-rep to drill down squat mechanics.

You can also use tempos to strengthen mechanics. Seasoned lifters can use goblet squats with just as much benefit as beginners, but in different ways. The goblet squat is an awesome warm-up movement on leg days to work patterning, form, and to get blood flowing pre-squats.

 On top of being great for warm-ups, goblet squats can also be useful as a workout finisher. For example, the goblet squat can easily be performed in a final workout circuit with the goal of additional leg hypertrophy, time under tension, and muscular endurance.

 The goblet squat might seem like a basic movement, but don't write it off. It holds a ton of benefit for every level athlete!

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