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Arianne Gilbert

Arianne Gilbert Osteopath

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Arianne began her career in the field of manual therapy in 2010 as a massage therapist, kinesitherapist, and orthotherapist. Being an anaerobic sports enthusiast, she started her massage therapy practice in a sports rehabilitation clinic. Suffering from sports injuries herself, she was introduced to osteopathic treatments. These treatments aroused her interest in pursuing her studies in this field. She then undertook studies at the Academy of Osteopathy of Montreal (AOM) and obtained her diploma of osteopathy (D.O.) in 2017.

During her academic career, Arianne developed an interest in working with people suffering from digestive and respiratory disorders. Her school also made her discover with wonder the work of osteopathy with pregnant women and infants. This admiration became a passion during her first pregnancy. She then decided to perfect her skills in obstetrics and pediatrics by taking post-graduate courses.

Her dual training in osteopathy and massage therapy as well as her specialization courses offer her a wide range of techniques allowing her to adapt her treatments to each of her clients. She can not only help at the musculoskeletal level, but also at the digestive, respiratory, obstetrical and pediatric levels.

Being passionate about her work, Arianne will be attentive to your needs to help you in your recovery.

 If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact her.

Services Offered

Services Offered