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Picture of Nicole Gervais Nutritionist at the Action Sport Physio Valleyfield and Ile Perrot clinic
Nicole Gervais

Nicole Gervais Nutritionist

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Nicole graduated from McGill University in Dietetics in 1981. She explored many facets of the profession until the birth of her daughter 20 years ago. For her, this was the birth of a new career, especially in CLSC, but also as a consultant and trainer with childcare centers, community organizations and specialized school settings. Her colleagues describe her as passionate and curious.

Her mission: to contribute to the health and well-being of our greatest wealth, our children. Over the years, she has acquired solid expertise in perinatal and pediatric nutrition (digestive disorders, allergies and intolerances, prematurity, growth retardation, feeding difficulties and eating challenges related to development, learning and integration disorders, sensory). Rich in collaboration with speech therapists, psycho-educators, nurses, doctors and occupational therapists, she has developed an approach that takes into account the child as a whole.

As part of the Action Sport Physio team, she offers assessment, consultation and follow-up services tailored to your needs.

Services Offered

Services Offered