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Action Sport Physio Downtown Training Room

Welcome to your training room.
Your wellness starts here.

Fitness, rehabilitation, performance, and much more!

Action Sport Physio Downtown Training Room

We offer:

  • a private space with a view
  • one-on-one training 
  • a personalized program design
  • small group training
  • goal tracking and support

Our training room has everything you need to reach your health & wellness goals. 

We help with your: 

  • weight loss journey
  • athletic development
  • strength training and conditioning
  • mobility 
  • training with an injury
  • road to recovery after a surgery 

Multiple sessions with Charlotte will help you get on the right track. Benefit from adapted goal setting throughout your wellness journey as well as education and guidance. 

For all ages and fitness goals. 


Charlotte will make you feel safe and confident through her empathetic and client-centered approach. 


We can build a personalized program based on your goals, needs, and schedule. 

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