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Picture of Samantha Archambault Physiotherapist at the Action Sport Physio Candiac clinic
Samantha Archambault

Samantha Archambault




Samantha Archambault is a physiotherapist who graduated from McGill University in 2014 with a professional master's degree. Wanting to gain experience with diverse clienteles, she has worked with sports teams, trained in manual therapy, vestibular rehabilitation and motor control, among others. In recent years, perineal and pelvic rehabilitation and pediatrics have become more and more a part of her practice and interests. She then discovered a real passion for women's health, perinatal care and other lesser known fields of expertise in perineal rehabilitation. She has continued her education with various continuing education courses in these fields. She wishes to help her patients regain their quality of life, their dignity and their activities without perineal and pelvic symptoms. Recently, she has also had the opportunity to mentor young physiotherapists who are new to perineal rehabilitation.

In addition to being passionate about her work, Samantha enjoys running and being outdoors with her children.


Training and field of expertise

- Several trainings in perineal and pelvic rehabilitation (incontinence, pain, women, men and children)

- Pregnancy and postpartum issues

- Training on the prevention and treatment of diastasis of the great rights

- Training on problems related to breastfeeding: "Physiotherapy evaluation of conditions related to breastfeeding (maternal and newborn factors)

- Pediatrics (torticollis, plagiocephaly, delayed motor development)

- Manual therapy, level 2

- Vestibular rehabilitation

- Concussion management

- Prevention and treatment of running injuries 

Services Offered

Services Offered