Cycling - Let’s Ride!

Cycling - Let’s Ride!

Have you started cycling again, and the aches started along with it? Are you feeling pain in your thighs, wrists, calves, knees, and neck? Be careful, after this never-ending winter, becoming physically active too quickly can lead to injury!

Did you know that on average, a cyclist pedals more than 5000 revolutions per hour? Overuse injuries are frequent among cyclists who increase too quickly their exercise duration and intensity too quickly. A tendon, a bone, a ligament, a muscle or a nerve could then get tired. If it does not have enough time to recover, overuse injuries may occur.

These injuries are not only caused by accidents. A poor pedaling technique, body position on the bicycle or even bicycle adjustment can also lead to season debilitating damage. It could cause many problems to the spinal column and overuse troubles to the knee, hip, elbow and wrist joints.

Ideally, you should ask your local bicycle expert to adjust your bicycle for your body. Also, changing your hand position on your handlebars frequently can stave off-hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder injury. Remember to keep your shoulders relaxed with the elbows slightly flexed to safely absorb ground vibrations.

By increasing your physical effort gradually, you will spare your body. It is recommended to increase your exercise intensity and duration by 10% per week in order to adapt to the required effort and to prevent any injuries. If the harm is already done, physiotherapy or athletic therapy should help you to get back in shape. There is one last item that is important not to forget: a good warm-up, a post-workout stretching routine, and a recovery period are essential training tools.

Enjoy your ride!

Written by Action Sport Physio Montreal Downtown

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