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Picture of Carine Cimon Massage Therapist at the Action Sport Physio Repentigny clinic
Carine Cimon
Massage Therapist

Carine Cimon Massage Therapist

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Carine graduated as a massage therapist from the Academy of Scientific Massage. The desire to fully understand how the human body works and the relief people can experience after treatment prompted her to complete her training in physiotherapy.

Massage therapy is a second career for her, a second wind! Anxious to be there for her family without losing sight of her main goal, to flourish, it is towards massage therapy that she turned. Since she has always loved working with her hands and is generous by nature, this career choice came naturally to her.

Having worked with the public and the health network for several years, she has been able to demonstrate many of her skills, including patience, a sense of organization and her dynamism. She is also attentive and sensitive to the needs of people.

Helping people, understanding their pain and helping them to return to health is part of her action plan. She will therefore be happy to assist you in your needs, whether for a moment of relaxation or for a more therapeutic massage.

Services Offered

Services Offered