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Picture of Samuel Brière Osteopath at the Action Sport Physio Repentigny clinic
Samuel Brière

Samuel Brière Osteopath

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Passionate for a long time by the simplicity and complexity of the functioning of the human body, Samuel previously undertook studies in the field of dietetics. Eager to learn more and help people differently, he later turned to the study of osteopathy. It was through the links between the different systems of the body and the mind that he found in osteopathy a complete practice having an instant impact on a multitude of ailments and disorders. He is recognized for his personalized approach, his listening, and his sensitivity with each and every one depending on their age, occupations, hobbies and reasons for consultations. His approach focused on posture and movement will solve your problems and pain, whether they are very old or very recent.

Services Offered

Services Offered