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Picture of Valérie Blanchette Kinesiologist at the Action Sport Physio Saint-Hyacinthe Mont-Saint-Hilaire clinics
Valérie Blanchette

Valérie Blanchette Kinesiologist

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Valérie graduated from the University of Sherbrooke in 2011 and is a certified member of the Fédération des kinésiologues du Québec. A kinesiologist is a health professional who specializes in physical activity and uses movement for prevention, treatment and performance.

Valérie has been working in the field of training and rehabilitation in a private clinic for over 12 years and is passionate about sports and well-being. She takes great pleasure in guiding each of her clients towards a healthier lifestyle.

She has further developed her expertise in rehabilitation to allow for an effective return to physical activity after an injury, chronic pain management, mental health and postural correction. She also works on the prevention and management of pathologies related to aging such as osteoarthritis, loss of muscle mass, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular health.

She also specializes in the prevention of running injuries, pre- and post-natal training for expectant and new mothers, and has been a certified knee evaluator since 2022.

Motivated and dedicated to your well-being, she is a good listener and will establish a treatment plan with you based on your pain, your needs, and your specific goals, all in a safe and pleasant environment.

Outside of work, Valerie is passionate about the outdoors and sports. She practices volleyball, swimming, hiking and running.

Whether it is to evaluate your physical condition or to prepare an adapted exercise program, Valérie will be there for you!

Services Offered

Services Offered