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Picture of Lucie Bisson Massage Therapist at the Action Sport Physio Laval West clinic
Lucie Bisson
Massage Therapist

Lucie Bisson Massage Therapist

Laval West (Ste-Dorothée)
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After obtaining a certificate in Fitness Education at Concordia University and having completed several dance workshops, Lucie discovered her passion for how the human body works and the desire to keep it in optimal shape. She therefore decided to train in massage therapy at Kiné Concept. After completing her training in Kinetic Swedish Massage® in 1997, she is now a teacher's assistant and student worker at Kiné Concept. Thereafter, Lucie worked in a clinic for a few years and in a company, performing chair massage. She continues her training with deep tissue massage and plans to deepen her knowledge with sports massage, lymphatic drainage and trigger point massage. 
Lucie has been exploring another passion for a few years now by teaching dance, Zumba and fitness to all age groups, all levels, and to all those who want to stay fit and have fun.

Services Offered

Services Offered