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Picture of Danaé Ballerini Osteopath at the Action Sport Physio Lachine clinic
Danaé Ballerini

Danaé Ballerini


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A graduate of the Institute of Osteopathy in Rennes (France), Danaé has been practicing osteopathy since 2018. Her passion for travelling has allowed her to experience different work settings and thus enrich her practice. She has notably accompanied sports teams during the 24h motorbike race in Le Mans or the Indian Ocean Olympic Games.

Thanks to her specialised training in paediatric osteopathy, she has been able to work in close collaboration with the midwives of Mayotte and support them in the care of newborns and pregnant women.

She is interested in the treatment of the female gynaecological sphere in its entirety, whether it be pain related to menstruation, pregnancy or post partum (follow-up after childbirth). She has also developed a great interest in the treatment of ENT problems (tinnitus, sinusitis, headaches, jaw problems...).

Gentle and attentive, Danaé will adapt to your needs to effectively reduce your pain.

Services offered


Manual therapy

Treatment of infants and pregnant women

Treatment of jaw problems

Treatment of headaches

Treatment of digestive problems

Services Offered

Services Offered