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Picture of Andrée-Anne Lorrain Physiotherapist at the Action Sports Physio Town of Mount Royal clinic
Andrée-Anne Lorrain

Andrée-Anne Lorrain Physiotherapist


I'm a curious person by nature. I like to know everything, about everything. The human body included. From a very young age, I knew I was going to work in healthcare. The body is an incredible machine made up of many interrelated systems. The mechanics of the body are complex, but so interesting! This is certainly why I decided to become a "mechanic" of the human body, a physiotherapist. 

I graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and a Master's degree in Physiotherapy. I have been an OPPQ member since 2015. From the beginning of my practice, I decided to go learn more on jaw disorders (TMJ), pelvic floor rehabilitation, and vestibular disorders. I wanted to be a versatile physiotherapist and to be able to help and accompany my patients in their health problems. As time went by, I realized that I needed to deepen my medical knowledge to improve my practice. This is why, since September 2018, I started a Bachelor's degree in Nursing at the University of Montreal. My goal, to be able to better assess, understand, treat, refer and relieve my patients. 

Known for my great empathy, overflowing energy, sharp sense of humour and love of a job well done, I love challenges and solving complex problems. No boo-boo scares me! It will be my pleasure to work on the most complex cases! 


Services Offered

Services Offered