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Ask an expert : Aging Health Program

With the New Year upon us we will be asking ourselves on how we can take better care of ourselves and begin the process of Healthy Aging. The health professionals at Action Sport Physio can help you take the steps to achieve your goals. This series of informative articles will help you understand what it takes to move in the right direction and feel better in your everyday life.
Healthy Aging is the direct result of achieving and maintaining functional independence and optimizing health as you age.
There is a simple formula for functional independence that can be followed:
Functional Independence = Flexibility + Strength + Balance + Endurance

The formula for optimizing health is a little more complex but also easy to follow:
Optimizing Health = Proper Nutrition+ Positive attitude+ Productive Pursuits

The articles that will follow will touch on the above two themes: Functional Independence and Optimizing Health….pleasant reading!
Your Action Sport Physio health professional is always there to work with you and guide you through your journey!

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