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Wellness for Healthy Aging

As individuals we all want to live a long and healthy life but as the average life expectancy increases we will face health challenges that we can manage and others where we will need to seek medical attention.
We know that a large portion of chronic diseases and disabilities can be prevented. Many of these diseases are a result of poor choices such as poor diet and poor physical capacities that do not contribute to optimizing health.
Our understanding and involvement in preventing disease or disabilities is a positive step forward in aging well.
Our current medical system is mainly focused on diagnosis, treatment and care.
While diagnosis, treatment and care are essential, as individuals, we need to actively make wellness a priority for the prevention of illness and disease.
Even for those presently with a chronic disease, living a healthier lifestyle can help manage their condition and slow down the disease process.

Your Action Sport Physio health professional can help you to identify how you can improve and lead a healthier lifestyle!

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