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Action Sport Physio Treats Headaches

Action Sport Physio Treats Headaches

Did you know that your neck may be the cause of your headaches?

When talking about headaches, you have to pay particular attention to your neck, as this area is in strong demand during all your daily activities. Your lower neck may have problems caused by postural abnormalities, osteoarthritis, falls, car accidents, etc. Any of these problems may cause what we call cervical origin headaches. These headaches come from muscular tensions and cervical dysfunction. The zone of cervical pain can frequently extend to the arms and create tightness between your shoulder blades.

Medications and cortisone injections can temporarily ease the pain, but over a long-term period, these treatments often become ineffective. These methods do not release muscular tensions or treat vertebral dysfunctions. Physiotherapists who practice manual therapy techniques, osteopaths and chiropractors treat cervical headaches. Orthopedic manual therapy constitutes a very effective tool to restore mobility and normal vertebral function. Therapists also use various treatments such as specific muscular relaxation techniques, electrotherapy or vertebral mobilizations. In most cases, the mobility of the neck will improve and the pain will disappear after the first or the second treatment!

The neck is not the only cause of headaches. A headache may have different origins: articular; vascular; cranial; pathological; ophthalmic or cervical. It can be due to muscular tensions; a temporomandibular dysfunction; food allergies and can also be connected to menstrual or premenstrual syndromes.

At Action Sport Physio, our multidisciplinary team will work together to locate your headache, determine the source and cure it. Our physiotherapists not only treat cervical headaches, but also those of muscular and temporomandibular origin. Our chiropractor can relieve your headaches if due to cranial or nutritional sources, and our osteopaths treat also visceral factors of the problem. Finally, acupuncture helps to decrease inflammation and relieve the pain.

Action Sport Physio has the team of multidisciplinary certified therapists and the tools to treat various factors which cause headaches. Avoid the risks of getting worse and developing a chronic condition, let our therapists take away the pain of living with headaches, restoring your quality of life.

Written by Action Sport Physio Montreal Downtown

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