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5 Risks Related to Diets

5 Risks Related to Diets

Let it be said, September is synonymous with back to school. However, for many people, this month is also the time to assess the “damages” of summer on their bodies. Many people realize they have gained a few pounds and are desperately seeking a way to get rid of them. Miracle diets, slimming creams, pills, protein shakes ‒ and so on ‒ will be used to quickly shed the weight accumulated during the summer. Do diets really work? Which one to choose? Here is my opinion on the subject.

1. If the word diet appears in the title of your plan, then said diet will not last. A good plan encourages you to change your lifestyle by incorporating nutritious food and moving a little more. For example, athletes often must go on diets in order to achieve certain requirements or performance for a specific event. What happens after the event? They return to their original weight.

2. If you are asked to eat less than 1,200 calories a day... Do not try this. YES, you will lose weight at first. However, you may have a very hard time stabilizing yourself afterward. Many people talk of slower metabolism when consuming fewer calories. In fact, science is not clear on this because studies vary greatly. However, psychologically, by depriving yourself by eating very little, you will definitely compensate for it eventually.

3. If the plan can only work with the help of unique products (shakes, pills, injections or other junk), do not go for it. Yes, I know, some people will say that it worked for them, but believe me, after 5 years, the % of people who kept off the weight lost using these techniques is almost zero.

4. If you are promised miracle results in a short time, it's too good to be true. If a miracle pill did exist, we would have long been hearing about it and its merits. The only real melting you’ll see is that of your bank account.

5. If you are being sold products from "network marketing" and that it offers more than other things, and asks you to rope in other people into the process to give you more income or allow you to consume products for free, ask yourself some serious questions.

There it is! I am aware this article will probably make some people react, especially those selling supplements from “networking” companies, but that's my opinion and believe me, the best weight loss I have witnessed are those that happened by modifying one’s lifestyle, not by taking pills and/or shakes.

Take care of your health; it’s the most precious thing you have. :)

Jimmy Sévigny
motivational speaker and personal coach focusing on healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle

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